JainDharm – Atma Dharm

JainDharm – Atma Dharm

The site is created to serve the Jain Dharm (religion). It will be one stop for all Jain Education requirements and discussion around Jain Science along with temple and educational community hall. Currently we are working towards helping in Jain Temple construction, old Jain temple renovation and helping Jain students in studies and stay in various cities. Here any one can post the information about help required for Jain temples construction and renovation so people can donate for the noble cause.

Main reason for starting the site:

Currently in many places in many cities, we don’t have temples. The Jain shravaks who want to go for Jin Darshan doesn’t have option due to time and distance. We started for a temple in North Bangalore (Near Nagawara), but come across many people who are working for the same in various different areas. We want to help in construction of these temples. we will facilitate the information, funding and help in the process of the same.

On donation and funding :

We will only facilitate with the information about Temple, trust and will not accept any donation here on this site. But we will ask the trusts to give the details about fund utilisation to be put on our website so people get the clearer picture of the usages of funds.

How will we connect people:

We need people for mandir’s proper vyavastha. We have learnt over last few months on many problems and issues

We want to create the process as streamlined as possible so that what